Sunday, May 11, 2008

If, in life, you are less than the Universe intended
then, in death, your spirit may return as a lesser being.
Be, therefore, kind and generous to all creatures,
that the circle of life may return compassion unto you in due time.

Aint it great folkses!! I found it on this bird forum. Wow. Sounds like someone believes in reincarnation. :)

Three weird and unrelated facts:
1. The election is really dumb and all the candidates are infidels. I get frustrated at myself for rooting for Obama. That’s really weird cuz he is like terribly liberal but he has such charisma (<--- look at that… I used a big word!) He got a silver tongue. Maybe he was trained under Bin Laden. Maybe he is just a terrorist in disguise. Maybe…. Maybe he is a really good guy?
2. I went like 40 on my bike today.
3. We were at Pequea for church.

We are having beautiful weather up here right now... i'm llovin it.


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His princess said...

thank you!!!!! happy mothers day to you as well!!!!!