Monday, May 19, 2008

Today I had a science test. It was kinda pathetic cuz I left my backpack in rosina's car and so couldn't study for it. ok. so thats not the first time this has happened, and I think I have a chance for maybe an A or better.
I have a bunch of finals this week and then Thursday school is done. cheers. sorta. Everybody wunts Conrad to come back to school next year. Like at the end of the program, we get one of the sheets with all the songs we sang on and right signatures and little notes and stuff while we party in the classroom, bout all the girls in my grade wrote something like this. "Hey conrad, it was really cool havin you in my class this year. Can't wait till you come back next year." whatever. but the only guy my age is not really in the mood to do ninth grade. so we'll see. I told them that if he comes back I will too, even though I really don't wanna. I'm gonna have to be as good as my word.
Reading final tomorrow.
Music final tomorrow.
Maybe a math final tomorrow too.
Science final on wednesday.
Clean-up on thursday.
No school friday.
Picnic on saturday.
so thats what my schedule looks like. very busy, very exciting.

cya every one,

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