Monday, March 31, 2008

I made a biiiig mistake today. i mean Big with a capital B. like i forgot to drink cofee before i meet the world. so im slumping in my desk trying to prop my eyebrows open and my teacher is laughing because he can't figure out why i stayed up till 11 o'clock watching The Fiddler on the Roof. (obtw its a weird play but it has a good moral :) I still cant figure out why i did it myself. but anyway...

two things NOONE believes about my ancestors:
thing #1: My great great monkey uncle walked around the world. And i dont know how many greats there were or if it was an uncle or a grandpa BUT IT HAPPENED SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE PEOPLE!!!

thing #2: One of my great great great (i dont know how many greats i should use) granpas created perpetual motion machines but smashed it with a sledge because he thought the wourld wasnt ready for it yet. whatta guy.

i told the guys at school this and they laughed me out of town. :) They claimed they finally knew now where i get my crazy ideas. so it does seem weird, maybe a bit far-fetched, BUT ITS TRUE!!! an i'm proud of those guys way back there that were stupid enough to do something so smart. :)

til next time,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

this is what conrad does in church instead of taking notes.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

blue skies... i love it
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

joke of the day:
A customer at work came up to me and asked my 60-year old aunt if i was her brother... LOL!! We looked at each other and laughed cuz we thought he was joking but he was dead serious. When he saw that we were laughing he mumbled something about having trouble with his head... poor feller. :)

oh yeah...

What Conrad Does When He Is Bored in School

i was coming up with this formula in school to find the area of a circle without using pi. i want to get the ratio of the area of a square to the area of a circle encrypted in the square to form a decimal with which i can find the area of the square and multiply times the decimal I found to get the pure area of a circle.

ok so thats a little thick for my pea-brain. and don't ask me how I thought of it cuz i have nooooo idea.

and a variant formula for the surface area of a circle:
2(d squared) + 4 (dh) (.785)

however the .785 is based off of pi and thats what i want to get rid of.

This is what i do when i get bored of Pre-Algebra
weird... i'm sounding like a geek and that stinks!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

rustic stone house... its owners were on the back porch drinkin their beers so i decided to keep my distance.

the inclined curve in the road caught my eye
amish country landscape

sorry guys: blogger just dont cut the mustard for uploading pictures... anyway

i went biking this Sunday and took the camera with me... what fun. :) Now i'm gonna go and enjoy whats left of my Easter Vacation and watch Chronicles of Narnia.

ttyl kids,


Thursday, March 20, 2008

My empty dreams and restless thoughts
All search for something more.
The writhing nature of my soul
Needs hope worth fighting for.

My spirit's inward song of life
Can't seem to find a way
To break the wall of Spirit World.
And capture endless day.

It screems for voice and pleads for ways
To break free from its cell.
To find a language deep enough
To burst the gates of hell.

something tells me that I'm not writing these words...
someone else is....
its kinda freeky....
but its amazing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A sham to hide a devlish face
A castle in the cloud.
The prison cell for Beast in Me.
The rotting bodies shroud.

I use this wall to keep my soul
From outside scrutiny
And everything that tries to choke
The life-blood out of me.

I use a masquerade of peace
To hide my inward pain.
this part of me that I despise
Is driving me insane.

i had to write a poem and read it for speech class.
i'm scared cuz noone in my class understands what i write-- i dont know what they think.
so i hope it goes well

my latest friends: two 5-day old fantail pigeons-- ugly... i know

There are few things i find more discouraging than a pigeon that you hand fed morning and evening for weeks drowning in the horse's water bucket. That really nice bird about three or four pictures down is "no longer with us." lol. but hey- i guess its part of life...

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

a robin in our front yard... wow
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beautiful day... gotta love it

The sunrise this morning was beautiful. i wonder if God paints them himself or if he hires someone to do it... either way somebody knows how to make me think of my Creator.
The things I want; the things I feel
The things i want to be
The endless song; the bleeding soul
My lost insanity.

This part of my I'm forced to hide.
This part of me knows pain.
I find it where I lose myself;
This part of me's insane.

It frees me from what I once was
And what I'm forced to be.
From everything that tries to choke
The life-blood out of me.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Blood, sweat, and fears.
Dread and falling tears
Shattered hope; Trust destroyed.
Something needs to fill this void.

Fire hail and rain
Unrelenting pain.
What do I do? Where can I go?
I think I've gone insane.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

ok this is one beauuuuutiful bird. check it out. (obtw i didn't do any editing) i can't git over this pic. i hand-raised this pigeon.

Pine trees against a beautiful blue sky. didn't edit this one either.

one of my birds in the coop. ok so i'm hooked on birds. but so what. i love it.

ella again.

jet called last night. we also got a bunch of pictures. i think there are some of them on their blog.

thats all for now,


Saturday, March 8, 2008

hey check it out. this is my newest friend.
its a fantail squab. it still needs to be handfed but i can soon wean it. this was just after a bath. (yeah i know it looks ugly but someday it's gonna look great struttin around the front lawn).
baptism is tomorrow... man

Friday, March 7, 2008

wow i am totally whoooped...
we had the history fair tonight. man... its like sayin the same thing to people over and over again. i said my speech like forty times (literally). my voice is dead. my voice is dead my voice is dead (get the point?) For one thing, i have a cold and for another, my voice is changing so my voice sounds like a violin played with sandpaper. a real bummer. you know it flips and does summersalts and jumps around.. but hey- its a part of life.
i met a guy out at the hardware store today... the guy sported a large waist and chubby face. and he was the grumpiest person on earth... like he'd just lost his last friend. he didn't smile and he hardly talked. wow. i was soooo close to doing something really weird to make the guy smile... i still think i should have.
this is how it happened:
i lay my stuff down in the counter.
he grabs the stuff up, checks me in and gives me my change. slamming the cash register droors around.
"Thank-you sir." i said.
no reply.
i'm sure he saw on my face i was puzzled.
he holds up the reciept and doesn't say a word.
i reach for it and walk out the door really stunned.
i get t my bike an i'm like man.. that guy needed some cheering... but i decide to leave anyhow.
i regret it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where is the passion I once had?
Where is the joy of living?
Why can't I find the peace of mind,
The thing I claimed Christ’s giving?

Why don't I see? Why can't I hear
The crawling demons that I feel?
Why can’t I tell the beast in me
I’ll smash your head you’ll scratch my heel”?

Why can’t I think? Where is my life?
Who made my eyes go blind?
Why do I feel the way I do?
Who’s messing with my mind?
i had a great day...
my speech went exceptionally well in spite of the butterfly olympics goin on inside me.
i got a 96% on my written report and i'm still waiting on the score for my speech.

bad things that happened to me today:
1. i forgot to study for a history quiz... (what's new)
2. we had a fresh cow at work and i didn't get done milking tway too late.

ok, so maybe two bad things in one day isn't so bad
tomorrows the history fair and i just can't figure out how im supposed to cram a sermon's worth of information into one minute..... its hard, but what ya gotta do ya gotta do.
oh yeah
the presidetial candidates are mostly wacko... especially the ladies.
i see the race for the presidential office as a bunch of wanna-bes spinning their own halos with everyone looking on and voting on whos halo they think is spinning the fastest... then again, thats just me.

ok so i guess thats it for now

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whatta day….
This morning in grammar class I wrote bad luck on one side of my eraser and good luck on the other. I flipped it to see what I would get… I got bad luck 4 times in a row… wow

I need to give a ten-minute speech in history class tomorrow about the maya Indians of central merica. I don’t think it will be too bad, but I’m kinda shook up.

I need to get something ready to say in front of the church when I git baptized. I want something more… more than thanking the ministers and the parents and reading a bilble verse…. Something that means something to everyone and myself… something I can say from my heart to theirs. I dunno I’ll figure something out.
one crazy dog... mom's christmas present lol
until next time,

Saturday, March 1, 2008

ella... whatta bird

one of the birds i'm hand feeding. lookin good

I actually made it through the week. i still have to get ready for the history fair but thats coming along well. We went to the library today and got a couple movis and Calvin and Hobbes books. lol gotta love it. i'm sitting here with my coffee and some candy and a comic book. can it get any better? :)
Random facts:
yesterday i was at a quiz meet and got bored for the first time in a while... i can't wait to start learning my passage for next year. I'm gonna quiz with the pequea homeschoolers.

batismal is next sunday....

my homing pigeons attacked one of the squabs i hand raised and forced me to kill it.... such evil birds.

I miss jet.

and i gotta go do my work.

have a great day,