Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cala lily + lily

something about me right now caan hardly find the words to describe life right now... I'm trying to in poetry and pics... so whatever.

oh and a quote i heard

"An excellent picture is like a beautiful piece of music... frozen in visual form."

I thought that was kinda cool

alright everybody out there just have a blast wherever you are and live your life to its max.

just me again,


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Kendrick said...

Now we're talkin'! those first two are the best you have taken. the third is still a bit out of focus tho.
do you take these pics in the dark? cause thats prolly the reason a lot of your flowers have been out of focus, or not very sharp.
the best way is to take the plant outside on a sunny day, have someone hold some dark material behind it, and then shoot away... holding your camera as steady as possible (unless you have a tripod), and using it's various settings. Fix it up a bit in picasa or something and you have a wonderful photograph!

Conrad said...

ok thanx.
I sorta thought of that but sometimes you can offset the shadows... like have the light source up above or to one side which, imho, tends to deepen the pic.
but yeah i'm gonna have to try that.
thanx for all the critiquing. It seriously helps alot.