Thursday, March 6, 2008

i had a great day...
my speech went exceptionally well in spite of the butterfly olympics goin on inside me.
i got a 96% on my written report and i'm still waiting on the score for my speech.

bad things that happened to me today:
1. i forgot to study for a history quiz... (what's new)
2. we had a fresh cow at work and i didn't get done milking tway too late.

ok, so maybe two bad things in one day isn't so bad
tomorrows the history fair and i just can't figure out how im supposed to cram a sermon's worth of information into one minute..... its hard, but what ya gotta do ya gotta do.
oh yeah
the presidetial candidates are mostly wacko... especially the ladies.
i see the race for the presidential office as a bunch of wanna-bes spinning their own halos with everyone looking on and voting on whos halo they think is spinning the fastest... then again, thats just me.

ok so i guess thats it for now

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