Monday, March 31, 2008

I made a biiiig mistake today. i mean Big with a capital B. like i forgot to drink cofee before i meet the world. so im slumping in my desk trying to prop my eyebrows open and my teacher is laughing because he can't figure out why i stayed up till 11 o'clock watching The Fiddler on the Roof. (obtw its a weird play but it has a good moral :) I still cant figure out why i did it myself. but anyway...

two things NOONE believes about my ancestors:
thing #1: My great great monkey uncle walked around the world. And i dont know how many greats there were or if it was an uncle or a grandpa BUT IT HAPPENED SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE PEOPLE!!!

thing #2: One of my great great great (i dont know how many greats i should use) granpas created perpetual motion machines but smashed it with a sledge because he thought the wourld wasnt ready for it yet. whatta guy.

i told the guys at school this and they laughed me out of town. :) They claimed they finally knew now where i get my crazy ideas. so it does seem weird, maybe a bit far-fetched, BUT ITS TRUE!!! an i'm proud of those guys way back there that were stupid enough to do something so smart. :)

til next time,

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