Friday, March 7, 2008

wow i am totally whoooped...
we had the history fair tonight. man... its like sayin the same thing to people over and over again. i said my speech like forty times (literally). my voice is dead. my voice is dead my voice is dead (get the point?) For one thing, i have a cold and for another, my voice is changing so my voice sounds like a violin played with sandpaper. a real bummer. you know it flips and does summersalts and jumps around.. but hey- its a part of life.
i met a guy out at the hardware store today... the guy sported a large waist and chubby face. and he was the grumpiest person on earth... like he'd just lost his last friend. he didn't smile and he hardly talked. wow. i was soooo close to doing something really weird to make the guy smile... i still think i should have.
this is how it happened:
i lay my stuff down in the counter.
he grabs the stuff up, checks me in and gives me my change. slamming the cash register droors around.
"Thank-you sir." i said.
no reply.
i'm sure he saw on my face i was puzzled.
he holds up the reciept and doesn't say a word.
i reach for it and walk out the door really stunned.
i get t my bike an i'm like man.. that guy needed some cheering... but i decide to leave anyhow.
i regret it.

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