Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A sham to hide a devlish face
A castle in the cloud.
The prison cell for Beast in Me.
The rotting bodies shroud.

I use this wall to keep my soul
From outside scrutiny
And everything that tries to choke
The life-blood out of me.

I use a masquerade of peace
To hide my inward pain.
this part of me that I despise
Is driving me insane.

i had to write a poem and read it for speech class.
i'm scared cuz noone in my class understands what i write-- i dont know what they think.
so i hope it goes well


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His princess said...

i like that poem. I wouldn't worry about what others think. Not everyone expresses themselves in the same way. Like me... I can understand what you are conveying through that poem and I loved reading it... but i could never write something like that myself. It doesn't come naturally for me. I write poems plain and plumb... but then read Shakespeare often. crazy isn't it?