Saturday, March 1, 2008

ella... whatta bird

one of the birds i'm hand feeding. lookin good

I actually made it through the week. i still have to get ready for the history fair but thats coming along well. We went to the library today and got a couple movis and Calvin and Hobbes books. lol gotta love it. i'm sitting here with my coffee and some candy and a comic book. can it get any better? :)
Random facts:
yesterday i was at a quiz meet and got bored for the first time in a while... i can't wait to start learning my passage for next year. I'm gonna quiz with the pequea homeschoolers.

batismal is next sunday....

my homing pigeons attacked one of the squabs i hand raised and forced me to kill it.... such evil birds.

I miss jet.

and i gotta go do my work.

have a great day,

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