Tuesday, April 15, 2008

another great day...
this week at school is called Big Brother/Big Sister Week. like your assigned to one or two of the younger guys and then you do all kinds of stuff with each other... like today I helped them do flashcards. In the words of my teacher, the purpose of the week was to "promote healthy relationships between the younger students and the older students." anyway, i got like the two ronchiest guys, Lester and Josiah but there alot of fun.
my teacher put me in charge of finding a song for my class to sing at the program. the girls thought that i should write one, but then again they also think that i should write an encyclopedia (seriously) so i dont know if i am gonna take their advice or not. i'm still waitnig on a reply from my teacher on the last song i wrote, so we'll see.
I'm trying to enjoy the last few days of school. cuz i'm soon gonna be out and then i'll probably wish i was back in school. why is life that way? cuz that really stinks!

enjoy life,

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