Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Defense of the Theory of Evolution

this is the rough draft

i learned something... if you wanna make a report sound really classy, look up a bunch of words in the thesaurus and pick out the clumsiest synonym. ok... who knows what provenance means? no clue, but it sounds really cool. :)

The formulation of the theory of evolution is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the modern age. Through it, light has been shed on the origin of matter, the provenance of life, and the creation of man. It has opened up the world of science to us like nothing else before has. Though this theory is accepted as truth by many, there are those who would question the truth of it. It is to those that I address this defense.

The primary reason for my rejection of the theory of creationism is simple: there is no proof. The entire philosophy is based off of an account given in a book which was written thousands of years ago that has no certification of authenticity. A scientific theory should not be based upon mere "say-so" of one book.

The field of astronomy is proof of the universe being created over a period of millions of years. The Andromeda galaxy is 2.3 million light years away. If the earth was created about 6,000 years ago in a period of 7 days, this galaxy should not yet be visible, because its light rays would still be billions of miles away from the earth's surface. Creation of the world in so short a time and so recently cannot be possible.

Through comparative anatomy, many scientists have developed the speculation that humans have evolved from apes. A chemist by the name of Doctor R. Topper states this, "Our DNA is almost EXACTLY the same as gorilla DNA, and is even closer to DNA obtained from fossils of ancient ancestors of human beings." This fact in itself is proof for an evolution of man from a lower form of life into the creature he is today.

Many animals today are living testimony to the authenticity of the evolutionary theory. The modern whale has a hipbone that it never uses, probably due to the fact that it evolved from a mammal that did walk. The Archaeopteryx is a fossil that has teeth, the skeleton of a dinosaur, but the feathers of a bird, indicating that both dinosaur and bird came from the same ancestors. Bats and birds both have similar wing patterns- an ulna, a humerus, metacarpals, and digits, indicating that they too came from common ancestors.

I have concluded that the only logical explanation for the origin of matter, the provenance of life, and the creation of man is the theory of spontaneous generation and an evolution of life into more complex and intelligent forms through natural selection. This philosophy is, though not completely proven, remains the most logical and solidly verified theory of the origins.

ok this is the exact opposite of what i believe, but it helped me alot to see how they think.... wow.

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