Friday, April 11, 2008

Ok This is crazy.

So Conrad walks into the classroom this morning and starts writing in the day's assignments. Then my teacher pops up and says, "Hey Conrad, I have an assignment for you." So I walk up to his desk and he shows me this scrap of paper with "Conrad- write a song for the program." written on it. wowy. ok. so i catch my breath and stagger back to my seat. I'm dazed. So I'll do my best. This is gonna be weird. I'm scared sorta and I dont want other people to know who wrote the song. at least not till the program. Everybody is just gonna totally flip out. and they do that enough of that about me the way it is.

This is another weird story.

So it was a busy morning and Conrad is supposed to bike to school. So he hurrys around like crazy and is finally ready to go to school. Conrad is nicely biking along when he decides to change to another gear. and it jams. bummer. its happened before so he just gets off of his bike and starts fiddling around with his bike. but the thing is very stuck. so he is trying to fix his bike but he doesnt have any tools except a couple mudballs and a rock he found in the field. now Conrad is really frustrated. nobody's around. Does he want to walk home, or does he wanna stay and fix his bike. neither sounded very good. so he prays. and hes told god something about not being able to fix his bike without some help. so he kinda keeps praying as he tries to unjam his chain with stone-age tools. and a couple of vehicles pass. then this brown van passes and Conrad says to God,"Man, God, that would be kinda cool if that van would for some reason turn around and help me out." so Conrad keeps hacking away at his bike. all of a sudden, he looks over his shoulder and here comes the brown van again. And he couldnt believe his eyes. It was slowing down. So the guy hops out an Conrad says to God, "DUDE THIS GUY IS SAM FISHER!!!" and then he told God thanks right away, cuz Conrad thought that was a pretty awsome little miracle He pulled off. So Sam offers to take Conrad to school. So he loads up his bike and gets to school in easy time. now if that ain't sweet!! it was really awsome.

until next time,

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His princess said...

hey thanks for sharing these weird stories... i enjoy reading your stuff.

God's "little miracles" are awesome, yes, i know what it feels to be a witness!