Tuesday, April 29, 2008

today was a party...
I'm enjoying my last days at school. Today my grade was practicing the graduation song... all by our selves. ;) yeah man lets party!!! :) The song is really clickin with us. We got one of the girls to sing a solo while we hum and it sounds like magic. Our goal is to make at least a few people cry. lol
my cockatiels have six eggs now... so that makes me excited.
This is a verse that sorta popped into my head... to be continued??? who knows. it definitely needs alot more than just this.

The whisper of the wind as it dances in the trees
The song of the meadow as it trembles in the breeze.
The twinkle of a star in a clear summer sky.
The secret in the wings of the birds as they fly...

k i needa go put pea wire up...

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