Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Bird came down the Walk.
(He did not know I saw.)
He bit an Angleworm in half
And ate the fellow, raw.

We looked at this poem by Emily Dickinson in speech class. My teacher thought it was about a lovely robin walking in the lawn hunting for worms. I almost shouted. Bird is capitalized, as is Walk and Angleworm, implying that the poem is not about birds and worms, but about people. I think there is tremendous subtext in this poem... I could hardly my thoughts to myself, but I did because when I let the whole world know what I think, it gets me in trouble. I kept it to myself.

We have a history final tomorrow. To study, or not to study? That is the question. So I’ll probably end up just flipping an eraser to see which one I should choose. "Conrad, Conrad, sometimes I worry about you…" :)


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His princess said...

yeah well. everyone is different. some ppl get it, others don't. :P