Sunday, April 20, 2008

I wrote this report for a man (harold dean) who believes that "Bach and Rock" are both equally evil. He asked me to write it for himso i gave what he asked for.... wow.
I really tried to rub in the thing about how instrumental music is not all bad, cuz thatsa point we vehemently disagree on.


The purpose of my experiment was to test the effects of rock and classical music on the brain and to prove my opinion that instrumental music is in not evil. I went about to prove my hypothesis in this way.
First I went to the pet store and bought fifteen mice which I divided into three groups: rock mice, classical mice, and control group mice. I stored them all in separate cages for about a week, being careful to monitor the temperature, amount of food, and the amount of sunlight. After the week was up I started playing music to the mice. I played 106 FM to the rock group and George Fredrick Handel's Messiah to the classical group. I was careful to ensure that both groups received the same kind of treatment. After two weeks I tested the mice by running them through a very simple maze. I repeated the test several times, averaged the results, and gathered the following statistics.
Statistics (rounded to the nearest 5 seconds)
Rock mice: 2 min., 30 sec.
Classical mice: 1 min., 15 sec.
No-music mice: 1 min., 30 sec.

Then I reversed the music. As I had predicted, the results also reversed. The once-rock mice immediately began to improve their time, and the once-classical mice began to degress so drastically that after several weeks they had eaten each other.

1. Rock music does indeed have a negative effect on the brain.
2. Classical music improves mental agility.
3. Instrumental music of the right sort should never be classified as evil, soul-destructive, or detrimental to the brain

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