Saturday, April 5, 2008

whatta weekend...
last night me and zinny and caleb and thomas went to juniata county for shade mountain's school program. It was awsome.
then we stayed at our uncles house for the night and stayed up till like 4:30 with our cousin. and i still dont no why i did it, only that none of us wanted to go to bed in case we missed something. so we kept each other awake until the wee hours of the morning-- pathetic. :)

i was so thrilled
i was watching mourning doves on their nests today. i found like four nests with eggs in today and the doves sitting on them. they are so trusting. i crawled up the opposite side of the tree and i actually touched the bird WITHOUT MAKING IT FLY!!!
ok that is so amazing it makes the shivers go down my back. and yeah, i know i'm nuts about birds but who cares... they're perfect. :)

enya is great... check it out

If you really want to,
you can hear me say
Only if you want to
will you find a way.
If you really want to
You can seize the day.

Only if you want to will you fly away.
When there's a journey,you follow a star.
When there's an ocean,you sail from afar.
And for the broken heart,there is the sky.
And for tomorrow are thosewho can fly.

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