Thursday, April 24, 2008

good ole chrit... whatta guy! :)
red barn where picketts charge took place
angel with a sword on a memorial
general whats-his-face
my class... sry about the lousy quality (i didnt take it)

I got kinda bored cuz we always heard the same thing... this happened then, this dude died here, this general was really cool... etc. I learned alot, something I try to avoid on a school trip.
Then we played mafia the way home, so that was kinda neat.
I enjoyed it alot.

My cockatiels have four eggs by now... so cool

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His princess said...

yay, i have always wanted to go to gettysburgh! someday maybe!
i like the pics of the statues and the blue sky in the background.

-your ever-faithful commenter!